Every so often an opportunity presents itself here in Midland, Tx. This is that that time, this is that place!

Javita Midland

Start a business in Midland, earn residual income and position yourself for explosive growth in an already Billion Dollar Market right here in Midland!

Now you can change the direction and quality of your life!

Benefits of the Javita Business Opportunity:

• Be your own boss
• Earn multiple streams of income
• Work where you want, when you want
• Drink Coffee
Start dreaming again!



Javita OpportunityThis new opportunity is for people interested in participating in and developing a real, long-term business. It’s a business based on a unique product used by millions of people every day. So if you are looking for a short-term, get rich quick scheme — unfortunately, this is not for you.


Javita_economyIn today’s challenging economic environment here in Midland, TX financial independence and financial security can still be attained. The dream is still alive and the best time to get involved is when a brand new business is just launching.

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We’ve recognized the power of the billion dollar consumer coffee market and we’ve created this opportunity to capitalize on the market and be the premier coffee company in this industry. You will access to the world’s most perfect product — a product built a packaged with a business in mind. How little or much you want to earn is up to you.
Some highlights of this new opportunity include:

  • First Order Bonuses
  • Free product program
  • Unilevel payouts up to 15 levels deep
  • Team Infinity Bonus
  • BMW Car Bonus Program
  • Global bonuses
  • Rank Advancement Bonuses
  • Exotic vacations
  • And more!

The business opportunity we have developed will be easy to understand and explain to others, fair to everyone involved and extremely lucrative to those who take action. We promise when you see our revolutionary compensation system, you will be excited and thrilled to have joined first.JoinJavita